Changemaking is a practice in
advanced leadership

A surprisingly nuanced union of vision, empathy, passion, wisdom, and grit. It’s personal and unique to your individual journey as a leader and comes first from the heart. Much of the time, it can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. But when your vision and values are in sync with your words and actions, change can be exponential.

It’s a practice in how to…


From confidential one-on-one coaching, to leadership workshops and retreats, Alison and a team of life and leadership coaches work with advocates, policymakers, and candidates to support and power their journey to make meaningful change.

“She helped me gain perspective on my perceived shortcomings, get a grip on imposter syndrome and steered me in the direction of my goals instead of getting overwhelmed in the day-to-day. I recommend Alison to anyone wanting to be a more effective leader.”

Stacy F.

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