Blue Meridian Partners

Elevating investments & ideas for America’s families in poverty.

Brand Strategy
Message Development
Strategic Planning
Video Production

Social sector leaders needed a bolder approach to philanthropy.

Blue Meridian Partners has a pioneering model for finding and funding solutions to the seemingly intractable problems that trap America’s young people and families in poverty. Alignco provided a broad range of strategic communications support to amplify their investments and expand social sector leaders’ reach, influence, and impact.

We partnered with the Blue Meridian team to develop messaging guidance, branding strategy, rollout plans, and video content for investee organizations focused on systemic issues like mass incarceration, foster care, and unemployment.

We supported the launch of key Blue Meridian funding portfolios including The Justice and Mobility Fund, Place Matters, The Studio @ Blue Meridian, and Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI).

In partnership with Blue Meridian and visionary social sector leaders from across the country, alignco amplified strategies to boost economic mobility and expand paths to opportunity nationwide and in local communities.